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Bechtel Marine Propulsion Corp.

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Encore Electronics Enters Agreement with Bechtel Marine Propulsion Corp.


Saratoga NY, May, 2013— Bechtel Marine Propulsion has executed a 4 year Master Agreement with Encore Electronics to provide Electronic Manufacturing services to the Niskayuna, NY facility.

Bechtel Marine Propulsion is the managing party of Knolls Atomic Power Laboratory (KAPL) operated for the Department of Energy.  KAPL is a world-class research and development facility dedicated to support the United States naval Nuclear Propulsion Program.

This agreement has been put in place with Encore Electronics to provide Technical support and assist with prototype manufacturing projects over a four year span.

Bore Guidance Control System

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Encore Electronics receives order for a Bore Guidance System

Saratoga Springs NY, May, 2013- Willenborg Associates, Inc.,  a machine tool rebuilding company located in Michigan, ordered a Bore Guidance Control System.  The ENC1727 includes the inductive probes and other sensors required to guide a cutting tool through the length of a horizontal boring machine, while keeping hole runout within tolerance through the 20-foot-long tube.

Encore Engineer Tom Moeller worked closely with Willenborg’s engineers to validate the design, and ordered the necessary parts. Once the parts were received, Encore’s production personnel built and tested the system for Willenborg.  On site set up and technical support was performed during two visits to Michigan. Willenborg’s customer witnessed machine operation in Michigan, and accepted the completed product as meeting requirements.

Specialty Gas Monitoring Controls for Semi-Conductor Manufacturing

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Encore Electronics Receives Multiple orders from IBM

Saratoga NY, November, 2012–   IBM has chosen Encore Electronics to provide Area Alarm Controllers for its Essex Junction, VT. Semiconductor Manufacturing facility. This Equipment plays a major role in monitoring specialty Gases within Semiconductor Tools. This order reflects IBM’s expansion and upgrades to existing manufacturing tools.

The IBM site is involved in developing Masks, which is a film with the circuit pattern for Semiconductor Chips implanted on, as well as testing of them. They also manufacture the end product or Chip which are used in everything from cell phones to routers to supercomputers.

Encore’s involvement signals a potential for additional orders to support IBM’s Semiconductor Manufacturing Facility as they continue to keep their equipment and tools safe and efficient.

Turbine Monitoring and Protection for Power Plants

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General Electric Energy Controls order

Saratoga NY, September 2012; Encore Electronics has received an order to provide Monitoring and Protection Equipment which GE incorporates into their Gas Turbine Controls for its Power Plant customers.
GE Energy, located in Schenectady N.Y. Manufacturers Gas Turbines and Generators sold worldwide.
This Monitoring Equipment provides Control and Protection from power lines spikes which could potentially cause damage. General Electric’s Engineers provide the Engineering and Design Support to their customers. Encore Electronics was sourced to manufacture the Cabinets to GE’s specifications.
Encore has had a relationship with GE Energy for many years. We see further potential for additional orders of this type of equipment in 2013.

Computer Controlled Strain Gage Amplifiers for Jet Engine Testing

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Encore Electronics lands $275,000 order for Computer Controlled Strain Gage  

Amplifier System with Pratt and Whitney located in Jupiter, FL.

Saratoga Springs, NY July 26, 2012- Encore Electronics, Inc., based in upstate NY announced it will be sourcing parts and building a Static/ Dynamic Strain and Charge System for Pratt and Whitney Rocketdyne located in Jupiter, FL. This system is to be used with their Aircraft Engine Testing stand.  during the design phase of their engines.

Pratt and Whitney Rocketdyne is the nations’ number one rocket engine builder. This was the second  order received from the initial prototype designed back in 2007, which was designed  and built to their specifications to provide the benefits of optimal performance and monitoring capabilities.

The system was developed to support the testing and development of Jet Engines at their West Palm Beach  and Hartford CT. facilities. The prototypes were tested and approved. Over 400 channels of modular signal conditioning have been shipped for their test stands, this proves the worthiness and performance of the system.

The West Palm Beach, FL. plant is one of several manufacturing facilities across the United States. Pratt and Whitney, a division on UTC Aerospace Systems, has played a key role in the Space Exploration program and Aircraft engine business’s.

“Tom Moeller, Encore’s Design Engineer worked closely with our engineering team to develop the system to meet the requirements and specifications put forth by Pratt and Whitney and provide the signal conditioning we require to successfully capture the data needed.“ said Ken Marshall at the Rocketdyne facility.

“Working with Pratt and Whitney to help with their signal conditioning needs while designing the Static and Dynamic systems as well as a computer interface for one of the world’s largest companies, demonstrates Encore’s commitment to the future of the Electronics Industry” said Tom Barrett, General Manager of Encore Electronics, Inc.

Turbine Tuning Kits for Oil & Gas Industry

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Encore Electronics receives orders amounting to $300,000 for DLN

Tuning Kits from the Oil and Gas Industry in Italy

Saratoga Springs, NY May 8, 2012- Encore Electronics, Inc., based in upstate NY announced it was awarded a bid to be the sole source for DLN tuning kits used by field engineers around the world to tune turbines. The assemblies are used to tune the turbines for optimum NOx flow and efficiency and to help keep emissions within the specified level.

The company, based in Italy is a division of one of the premier Turbine manufacturers. This system had been updated for portability and efficiency since its inception in March of 2000. Over 30 have been assembled and shipped by Encore Electronics to locations around the globe, this proves the worthiness and performance of the system.

Typically the combustion dynamic monitoring on turbines is performed twice per year. The DLN Kit is built to a company’s specifications to provide the benefits of optimal performance and ease of use. With the help of Encores’ Engineers improvements have been made and built into the design through the years to provide better reliability and to meet current specifications put forth by the company’s Engineering staff.

The Florence Italy facility is one of several locations where the DLN system is used.

Encores’ Design Engineer’s work closely with the manufacturer’s Engineering team to develop the system to meet the requirements and specifications put forth and provide the required output to successfully capture the data needed.

Working with the turbine manufacturer to help with their calibration needs, and by providing the computer interface, cables and other peripheral devices for one of the world’s largest companies demonstrates Encore’s commitment to the future of the  “Signal Electronics Industry” said Tom Barrett, who is the General Manager of Encore Electronics, Inc.

Charge Amplifiers for Turbine Testing

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Encore Electronics, Inc. secures a large order from General Electric TPS for

Charge Amplifier Assemblies for Turbine Testing

Feb. 24, 2012 — Saratoga Springs, NY
Encore Electronics recently announced that it has received an order for a total of sixteen ENC1492A Charge Amplifier Assemblies. The Charge Amplifier Assemblies are part of the CDM system and are used for on-line continuous monitoring of the Turbine’s that GE builds for their customers worldwide. The three orders are valued at over $593,000. USD and will be delivered over a 6 month period.
“The ENC1492A is designed and engineered for looking at signals from crucial parameters,” “We look forward to delivering the assemblies to GE within the seven weeks as promised.” said Brian Crawford, Sales Manager for Encore Electronics Inc. located in Saratoga Springs, NY.


Encore announces appointment of Mark Bamford as new CFO

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New CFO Appointed

25 January 2012

Encore Electronics is pleased to announce the appointment of Mark Bamford as Chief Financial Officer, replacing Mrs. Margaret Nelson effective February 1st, 2012, pending TSXV approval.

As the newest member of Encore’s Executive Committee, Mr. Bamford brings over 10 years of experience as a seasoned financial executive of multi-million dollar organizations.

Encore Electronics Acquired

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Encore Electroincs Acquired

9 May 2011 – ESTec through its wholly owned US subsidiary, Encore Electronics Inc., a Delaware corporation, is pleased to announce that effective April 29th, 2011 it has completed the acquisition of substantially all of the business assets (excluding real property assets) of Encore Electronics, Inc. (“Encore”), a New York corporation. …read more…