Manufacturer of electronic instrumentation including signal conditioners, custom power supplies, computer controlled amplifiers and computer controlled signal conditioning instrumentation.

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At Encore, we specialize in custom designed electronics. Not only can we can design and assemble units based on your unique requirements, we have the production capability to quickly manufacture a completely custom system and meet your deadline.  Our in-house capabilities include engineering design, test and documentation support,  PCB assembly and test , electro-mechanical sub-assembly, sheet metal fabrication and custom cable assembly.   Whether it’s a single protptype or a full production run, our high degree of vertical integration means your product can be taken from concept to completion quickly and cost effectively



Do you have a great idea for a product, but don’t have the time, facilities or personnel to manufacture it ?  At Encore, we can help.  Our production department is available to assemble your custom designed electronics, and our engineering team is available for design support, cost reduction and manufacturing documentation support.  Our dedicated team of Engineers, Technicians and Assemblers are skilled in all aspects of electro-mechanical assembly including:  PCB design, test and assembly; design and wiring of  custom rack-mount enclosures;  design and test of custom cables and connectors;  sheet metal fabrication including silk screening,plating and painting; wire-list, schematic and production documentation.  Once we start building your product, our ISO 9001 certified quality assurance personnel monitor the assembly and testing of the product and ensure conformance to your requirements.  Contact  us today and see why companies world-wide have chosen Encore Electronics to be their contract manufacturer of choice.


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