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  • Compact – 16 channels per GPSC rack
  • Acceleration/displacement outputs
  • Controls in engineering units
  • Internal calibration



The Model 149 is an economical, two-channel-per- module charge amplifier that plugs into Encore’s 19″ GPSC Instrumentation Rack.  Up to eight modules (16 channels) can be placed in a single GPSC rack.  Modules are available for strain, F/V, charge, accelerometer, proximitor, DC signal and LVDT signal conditioning. The GPSC rack features and integrate AC power supply that provides the required unregulated DC voltages to operate the modules.  The continuously adjustable, ten-turn locking dial sets channel sensitivity from 1 to 110pC/g.  Outputs are AC acceleration and RMS/DC displacement.  The front panel features a push button or remote CAL command that applies a 1000pC 350Hz calibration signal to both channels simultaneously.


Input signal: Charge output from accelerometer
Input sensitivity: Front panel locking dial, adjustable from 1 to 11pC/g or 10 to 110pC/g, with internal 1 or 10 gain select jumper
Acceleration gain: Front panel switch selects 10mV/g or 100mV/g
Acceleration frequency response: 5Hz to 15kHz (factory adjustable)
Integration: Two stages convert acceleration to displacement, with unity gain frequency factory set at 350Hz
Displacement gain: Front panel switch selects 10mV/mil or 100mV/mil
Displacement frequency response: 15Hz to 15kHz, adjustable with components on plugin header
Acceleration output: ±10V max, 10mA peak load
DC output: DC voltage equal to RMS value of either acceleration or displacement signal, selected by
front panel switch; +7VDC max
Calibration: 500pC (peak) at 350Hz sinewave, applied to both channels simultaneously when front panel pushbutton is pressed, or on rack CAL command
Maximum signal input: 12000pC peak, up to 2kHz
Power: Unregulated ±24V from rack-mounted supply
Mechanical: 19″W x 5.25″H x 9″D, eight module (16 channel) rack adapter, Model 4015-113