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The Model 144 is a compact vibration monitoring system consisting of two single-channel modules mounted in a 6”H x 8”W x 12”D portable case. Constant current excitation is provided for an accelerometer charge converter, whose signal is tightly filtered and monitored for exceeding a front-panel-set level. If the level is exceeded, relay contacts complete an external alarm circuit. A 4-20mA output also transmits the vibration level to other monitoring equipment. The Model 144  features three output modes: displacement output at discrete frequency, 3 1/2 digit readout  of RMS-DC output, and relay trip protection.
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Input signal: Voltage output from accelerometer’s charge converter
Excitation: 4mADC constant current to charge converter; 24VDC compliance
Input sensitivity: Typically 50mV/g
Gain: Front panel switch selects pre-filter gains of 0.1, 1, or 10, with locking 10-turn scale adjustment pot for overall range of 0.1 to 200
Bandpass filter: Sharply tuned twin-tee filter at 120Hz (factory adjustable from 40Hz to 5kHz)
AC output: Acceleration signal, gained and 120Hz filtered (0-7VRMS max)
DC output: Jumper-selectable RMS/DC output (0-7VDC) or 4-20mA version of RMS/DC voltage
Display: 3 1/2 digit LED meter indicates RMS/DC output
Alarm level: Settable by front panel trimpot from 0.1-10VRMS
Alarm output: Front panel LED and one nonlatching form C (SPDT) relay contact operates on alarm condition
Power: Unregulated ±24V and +10V from rack-mounted supply
Carrying case: Two-module desktop case, Model 4017-107