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5020-102 Rack Adapter


The Model 5020-102 Rack Adapter offers complete remote control of all signal conditioner settings through an industry-standard Ethernet interface and remote web browser.  No additional software is required to operate the system. Additionally, the rack can be controlled by other industry standard software (such as LabView) via the Ethernet interface.  All amplifier settings are stored on-board in non-volatile memory and restored at power-on.  The rack also features an internal DC measurement system for auto-zero and auto-balance operations. The Model 5020 can be configured to accommodate a wide range of signal conditioning modules.

When choosing your system, use the Model 664 Strain Gage Module for dynamic strain applications or the Model 665 Combo Module for both  static and dynamic measurements.  For accelerometer inputs, the Model 176 Dual Charge Amplifier Module is available.  Modules for other inputs such as pressure are also available.  Contact Encore for more information on which module is best suited for your application.


Front panel controls: Power on/off switch and indicator; amplifier common isolate/ground switch
Module slots: 15 slots for signal conditioners, plus one slot on left side for rack controller
Dimensions: 19” wide, 8.75” (5U) tall, 18” deep (plus handles and mating connectors)
Weight: 46 pounds with 15 amplifiers installed (shipping weight)
Power: 115VAC 50/60Hz, 150VA; 230VAC optional
Rear panel connectors: 5 PT02A14-18S signal input (one per three slots); two BNC analog outputs per slot; BNC external calibration signal input; BNC mux signal output; Ethernet RJ45; RS232 nine-pin D male for configuration

5020-102 Rack Adapter rear view