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The Model 849 is a DC/DC power supply module that plugs into Encore’s 19″ GPSC instrumentation rack, to allow battery-power operation.  Typical mobile applications utilize a vehicle’s 12VDC power outlet as the source. This module can also reside in a rack normally operating from AC power, as a backup power source.  One signal conditioner module slot is occupied by the Model 849.

Model 4015 19" GPSC instrumentation rack

Model 4015 19″ GPSC instrumentation rack


Product Specifications

Input: Volts: 10 to 15VDC, 12VDC nominal
Current: 50mA no-load to 5ADC full load; depends on modules in rack
Output: Volts: ±24VDC nominal, unregulated
Loads: +2ADC and -1ADC maximum
Regulation: 18% max, no load to full load
Ripple: 0.15V pk-pk at full load
Overload: Electronically protected against momentary short circuits; fuse protected against long term short circuits
Construction: Aluminum enclosure; plugs into Encore GPSC rack adapters; supply is available for other Encore instrumentation racks as well