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The Model FL639 strain gage amplifier is a compact bridge amplifier, complete with voltage and current excitation, adjustable gain, zero, and bridge balance, lowpass filtering and shunt calibration.  The unit is designed to be mechanically and electrically compatible with Encore’s other Flex-line DIN-rail mounted instrumentation.


Bridge configuration: Quarter, half, and full bridges, with internal bridge completion header
Bridge excitation: Front panel adjustable, 4 to 10VDC; constant current of 10 to 20 mADC also available
Bridge balance: Front panel trimpot allows adjustment of bridge imbalance
DC shunt calibration: Header-mounted calibration resistor wired to screw terminal for external connection to +S or -S terminal; internally jumpered to either +P or -P
Gain range: 2-2000, with coarse and fine trimpot adjustments; factory set for range of 100-500
Frequency response: Two-pole lowpass, DC to 1kHz; header-adjustable from 10Hz to 20kHz
Voltage output: ±10V max, 10mA peak load
Current output: 4-20mA output follows signal output of 0-10V, or may be connected as a constant current excitation source adjustable from 10-20mA
Output noise: 2 microvolts RMS RTI max, DC to 20kHz at G=1000, no filter header
Connections: Twelve wireclamp screw terminals accept wire sizes from 24-14 gauge
Test points: Three tipjacks allow voltmeter connection to Balance terminal and Output terminal
Mechanical: 2.9″ x 3.1″ x 1.9″ plastic enclosure; mounts on standard 35mm DIN-rail
Power: Regulated ±15V at 35mA, plus excitation load, from external supply