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Charge Amplifiers for Turbine Testing

Encore Electronics, Inc. secures a large order from General Electric TPS for

Charge Amplifier Assemblies for Turbine Testing

Feb. 24, 2012 — Saratoga Springs, NY
Encore Electronics recently announced that it has received an order for a total of sixteen ENC1492A Charge Amplifier Assemblies. The Charge Amplifier Assemblies are part of the CDM system and are used for on-line continuous monitoring of the Turbine’s that GE builds for their customers worldwide. The three orders are valued at over $593,000. USD and will be delivered over a 6 month period.
“The ENC1492A is designed and engineered for looking at signals from crucial parameters,” “We look forward to delivering the assemblies to GE within the seven weeks as promised.” said Brian Crawford, Sales Manager for Encore Electronics Inc. located in Saratoga Springs, NY.