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Computer Controlled Strain Gage Amplifiers for Jet Engine Testing

Encore Electronics lands $275,000 order for Computer Controlled Strain Gage  

Amplifier System with Pratt and Whitney located in Jupiter, FL.

Saratoga Springs, NY July 26, 2012- Encore Electronics, Inc., based in upstate NY announced it will be sourcing parts and building a Static/ Dynamic Strain and Charge System for Pratt and Whitney Rocketdyne located in Jupiter, FL. This system is to be used with their Aircraft Engine Testing stand.  during the design phase of their engines.

Pratt and Whitney Rocketdyne is the nations’ number one rocket engine builder. This was the second  order received from the initial prototype designed back in 2007, which was designed  and built to their specifications to provide the benefits of optimal performance and monitoring capabilities.

The system was developed to support the testing and development of Jet Engines at their West Palm Beach  and Hartford CT. facilities. The prototypes were tested and approved. Over 400 channels of modular signal conditioning have been shipped for their test stands, this proves the worthiness and performance of the system.

The West Palm Beach, FL. plant is one of several manufacturing facilities across the United States. Pratt and Whitney, a division on UTC Aerospace Systems, has played a key role in the Space Exploration program and Aircraft engine business’s.

“Tom Moeller, Encore’s Design Engineer worked closely with our engineering team to develop the system to meet the requirements and specifications put forth by Pratt and Whitney and provide the signal conditioning we require to successfully capture the data needed.“ said Ken Marshall at the Rocketdyne facility.

“Working with Pratt and Whitney to help with their signal conditioning needs while designing the Static and Dynamic systems as well as a computer interface for one of the world’s largest companies, demonstrates Encore’s commitment to the future of the Electronics Industry” said Tom Barrett, General Manager of Encore Electronics, Inc.