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Turbine Tuning Kits for Oil & Gas Industry

Encore Electronics receives orders amounting to $300,000 for DLN

Tuning Kits from the Oil and Gas Industry in Italy

Saratoga Springs, NY May 8, 2012- Encore Electronics, Inc., based in upstate NY announced it was awarded a bid to be the sole source for DLN tuning kits used by field engineers around the world to tune turbines. The assemblies are used to tune the turbines for optimum NOx flow and efficiency and to help keep emissions within the specified level.

The company, based in Italy is a division of one of the premier Turbine manufacturers. This system had been updated for portability and efficiency since its inception in March of 2000. Over 30 have been assembled and shipped by Encore Electronics to locations around the globe, this proves the worthiness and performance of the system.

Typically the combustion dynamic monitoring on turbines is performed twice per year. The DLN Kit is built to a company’s specifications to provide the benefits of optimal performance and ease of use. With the help of Encores’ Engineers improvements have been made and built into the design through the years to provide better reliability and to meet current specifications put forth by the company’s Engineering staff.

The Florence Italy facility is one of several locations where the DLN system is used.

Encores’ Design Engineer’s work closely with the manufacturer’s Engineering team to develop the system to meet the requirements and specifications put forth and provide the required output to successfully capture the data needed.

Working with the turbine manufacturer to help with their calibration needs, and by providing the computer interface, cables and other peripheral devices for one of the world’s largest companies demonstrates Encore’s commitment to the future of the  “Signal Electronics Industry” said Tom Barrett, who is the General Manager of Encore Electronics, Inc.